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Outside Basement Entry

Installing an outside basement entry can be one of the most contributive and practical updates to make in creating a basement that is inviting, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. The benefits are endless! Aside from providing additional access to your home and taking advantage of extra space, your basement will be a safe, habitable environment for you and your family. Natural light will be pouring into your basement living area, and the convenience that the entryway to your backyard will provide can be life changing.

Foundation Builders LLC is your solution!

We have over 45 years of experience in the home building industry, have built over 690 homes and hundreds of windows; with a laser focus on basement entry installations.

We are the experts on the installation of egress compliant basement entries!

The benefits of installing a basement door
  • Design a private entry for your basement workshop, office, bedroom, or studio.
  • Add easy access to your basement.
  • Create a mud room or pet entry.
  • Bring in more natural light and fresh air.
  • Make it easier to move furniture or appliances into your basement.
  • Ensure a safe escape route in case of fire. (Building codes require all habitable space in the basement to have an exterior door or Egress compliant window.)
  • Add value to your biggest investment: Your Home

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