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Here at Foundation Builders, LLC, we provide our clients throughout greater Mason, Montgomery, West Chester, Liberty Township, Cincinnati, and surrounding regions of Ohio, with premium basement egress services. We specialize in the design and installation of basement egress windows and outside basement entryways that serve many purposes. Let us add you to our ever-growing list of very satisfied clients today!

Egress Window Installation: Excellent job by Mike and his team at foundation builders, their "No Mess Egress" is the way to go, they may cost a little bit more than other companies that we talked to but you get what you pay for! Extremely respectful and hard working team, excellent quality.
Chris Kennedy
Egress Window – November 2020
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The weather and scheduling delayed the work a bit, but overall they kept me informed. The process takes a while but the no mess egress is great and prevents any mess inside your home. I would definitely choose Mike and is crew for any egress window needs. They are very professional, knowledgeable and up front on cost no hidden fees. I was completely satisfied with my basement egress project.
Doug Ivey
Egress Window – October 2020
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Mike and his crew added a walkout door in our basement. We had a little water coming in the basement after the install. Turned out it was a defect with the door not the workmanship from the crew. They helped us get a new door and replaced at no cost. We are very impressed how Mike stood behind the install start to finish!
Matt Warren
Egress Window – September 2020
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Mike built us a beautiful basement egress window. Everyone on his crew was courteous, conscientious, and clearly took pride in their work. Mike was very helpful in accommodating our requests that came up during the process and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.
Judy R.
Egress Window – August 2020
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Foundation Builders installed a new egress window system in our basement. It was done very professionally, with no mess inside the basement, and they even sent a crew out afterwards to clean the concrete dust off the brick exterior of our house. Highly recommended.
Matt Uecker
Egress Window – August 2020
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We had great experience with Foundation Builders, the Egress Window Install was exactly what we expected with exceptional quality and minimal mess and disruption. Mike and his crew were very knowledgeable, professional and answered all of our questions. We would definitely use them again.
James Guzik
Egress Window – July 2020
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Mike was a Life saver. We had someone put In Egress windows and they did an awful job. We could not get them to come back and fix the damage, so we called Mike and he was able to fit us in his very busy schedule. We now have two working windows without leaks! Thanks Mike!
Tiffany Sims
Egress Window – July 2020
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Mike and Stacy were awesome to work with, they always responded to my calls. They both care about their work. Have already recommended them to friends. I would highly recommend Foundation Builders!
Jill Ostenkamp
Outside Basement Entry – July 2020
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We had to wait several months for our window to be installed, but it was worth the wait! Foundation Builders did what they said they were going to do, the employees were friendly and took care to make sure there was no mess inside my house. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing an egress window!
Michael Kosins
Egress Window – July 2020
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The entire project start to finish took about 4 weeks (not continual) Once the installation itself got started it was about 5 days. The work itself is great and the crews are fantastic. We loved the guys that worked on our install so much we baked them cookies and bought them lunch. There was a few issues with communication on when things would be started but it was minor and always got answered when I inquired. We are very pleased with the finished product, it looks better than we expected!
Katie Whelan
Egress Window – July 2020
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Professional, detailed, and high-quality work from the proposal to the final step of the installation. Foundation Builders provided a detailed proposal for my basement egress window. The proposal included drawings and specifications of the installation and detailed options for the window, the well, and other aspects of the job. Owner, Mike Hancock, is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the work and he was happy to discuss and answer every question on my list. I was working from home during the installation and I got to meet every member of the crew and watch each step of the job. Every person that worked on my egress window was professional, knowledgeable, and skilled. I am very satisfied with the finished product, and I am also impressed with the team that Mike has put together to do this work.
Adam Culler
Egress Window – June 2020

Mike and his employees performed the hob exactly as Mike said it would be done. They were professional with minimal yard disruption. Our window looks fantastic and we are loving the light we now have.
Kevin and Colleen Kindschuh
Egress Window – March 2020
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Mike and the crew were excellent. They delivered exactly was they promised, no mess! I met with three contractors, and Mike was the most informative, thorough and prepared of them all. He had detailed drawings and was quite knowledgeable about foundations. He was the only contractor who insisted on a steel lintel, which really encouraged me to use him. I was comfortable with the professionalism he offered my home and family. When I mentioned that I planned on having the basement finished in the future, he suggested that I install a larger custom window. 100 sheets of drywall later....worth every penny! Mike was not the cheapest quote, but he did clearly offer the most quality It is clear to me that you get what you pay for!! Thanks Mike. It was a pleasure doing business!!
Bill Roberts Jr
Egress Window – May 2020
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Mike and crew are friendly and extremely helpful and easy to work with. Very knowledgeable and made the process very easy. I absolutely love my window. Looks great from the inside and out! Very impressed by the cleanup and how good it looked from the outside! Thank you Mike and crew!
Jenny Lutz
Egress Window – April 2020
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It seemed a little expensive at first but you get what you pay for. I was impressed by the complexity of the project but how very well thought out and executed it was. Foundation Builders LLC did everything they said they would and we are very pleased.
Ron R.
Egress Window – March 2020
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Foundation Builders LLC are Fantastic. Our home was build in the 60"s. My husband and I slowly but surely renovated almost every room, in addition to adding a family room, a 4 four seasons room and a master suit on the first floor. We have a beautifully finished basement including a bedroom, bathroom, office, bar, TV room, and storage. We realized we could not claim a large portion of our downstairs square footage, and claim one room as a bedroom for future resell, without some type of escape. Most importantly, I wanted to fix up the bedroom downstairs for my three grandchildren. I really did not want them to be downstairs without some type of escape other than the stairs leading to the first floor. I received several quotes for the installation of an egress window, but my husband and I made an immediate connection with the owner of Foundation Builders. The entire process was amazing. Every step was taken to minimize the disruption of the inside and outside of our home during the instal. When the job was completed we hardly knew they were even in and around our home. "No Mess Egress" is a very truthful slogan for their company. AND THE WINDOW.... It is beautiful. We are so happy. The natural light that shines in has made the biggest difference to our downstairs. We couldn't be happier, not to mention the extra bedroom we can now claim when we sell our home and of course the safety of our family.
Thank you Foundation Builders
Rated highly for: Responsiveness, Punctuality, Value, Quality
Bridget Katchman
Egress Window – December 2019
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Foundation Builders just put in a beautiful egress window in our home. We were very pleased with their ability to put in a larger window than those offered by their competitors. Mike, Tom and the entire crew of Foundation Builders were very professional, took time to answer questions, explain the process and make sure we were happy with the finished look. The work was a little bit slower than I was anticipating, but absolutely worth the wait!
Rated highly for: Quality, Value
Emily Emeneker
Egress Window – December 2019
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Five Star review
Rated highly for: Quality, Responsiveness Jaime Grubert
Egress Window – December 2019
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Foundation Builders LLC were very professional through the entire process of installing two egress windows in our basement. Their employees were very respectful of our house and cleaned up each day before they left. The workers outside placed mats on the ground to protect our lawn. The service we received was very professional from the start with the quote process from Mike. Tom was always on site to supervise the crew and worked also on the egress window project. Very professional organization.
Randy Vaughn
Egress Window – November 2019
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The communication wasn't really all that great at first. There was about a 4 month waiting period. I realized 3 months into the wait that there was another rep that I could've contacted to get things straightened out but this wasn't told to me by the owner. If that information was given to me up front it would've been very helpful in terms of getting in contact with someone else in the company. The actual window well installation itself was done perfectly and they minimized any interior mess. They promised that there would be little exterior mess but, because of rain/mud, it ended up getting messy. I wasn't all that impressed with how the exterior mess looked.
Doug Rose
Egress Window – September 2019
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Getting an egress window is a big decision for most people. I highly recommend Foundation Builders to be the company you go with. Mike and team are very professional, with many years of experience. While there is a cost associated with this work, the end result is oh, so worth it! Adding a 4' x 4' window during our basement remodel has completely changed the look and feel of our basement. Of course it has also added safety so that my family could escape in the event of something catastrophic happening upstairs. I can tell you, the first time you open the door to go down to your basement and don't need to even turn the lights on to see, you will be amazed! My only suggestions are to be sure you have a good plan to deal with the interior and exterior once the window is installed. The amount of dirt that comes out of the excavation is going to 2X what you think it will be. If you already have a finished basement like we do, then you will have some framing/drywall work. Mike's team can also take care of this if need be. One unique point that Foundation Builders brings to the table is "no mess" - and it is true. As mentioned, we already had a finished basement, so didn't want our new floors water damaged, etc., when the concrete saw cut through the foundation. With their process, this was never even a question - no water, no dirt, no mess - throughout the process. I'm also convinced that in the long run this has also added at least as much value to our home as it cost. Highly recommend.
Mike Hatfield
Egress Window – August 2019
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This company's level of professionalism is so high, that I was comfortable with them doing work on my home after I moved out of it and couldn't personally inspect the completed product. They did not disappoint.
Seth Martin
Egress Window – August 2019
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We had a great experience with Foundation Builders. We had a 5 foot window installed. Our basement was left clean and staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and Mike the owner always answered my phone calls. The no mess egress was excellent never tore up the yard only where they were working I would highly recommend Foundation builders.
Derick Holcomb
Egress Window – July 2019
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I was really impressed with the no mess egress. Mike and his crew left my basement spotless. Would definitely hire again.
Jay Grizzels
Egress Window- June 2019
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I had an AWESOME experience with Foundation Builders! MIKE and his team were a god send - they came in a saved us THOUSANDS in potential repairs from the damage of a previous contractors! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Jacob Anderson
Egress Window – May 2019
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5 Star Review
Nevin Vanover
Egress Window – March 2019
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I had Mike at Foundation Builders install a 5' wide egress window in my basement. I was impressed with their attention to detail and the drawings they provided so I could complete the permit process. They also installed a sump pump in the well. The pump ended up being faulty. I called Mike, and he was out the next day to replace it. I am very pleased with the overall product.
David Abel – Columbus, Ohio
Egress Window- January 2019
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The end product, our new walkout, could not have been done any better. It is a testament to Foundation Builders and especially Mike. We are beyond thrilled and pleased. Thanks to all on a thrilling, difficult project at Foundation Builders.
Robert O’Neil – Cincinnati, Ohio
Outside Entry – January 2019

The entire job only took 3 days to complete (it would have taken me weeks) I know Foundation Builders is in high demand, There aren't many other contractors that are capable of providing this type of work. I was on the waiting list for about 2 months months, but worth the wait. They completed the work as promised, and would recommend them to anyone wanting to add a large window to an existing basement. I also understand they offer a door installation to give you a walk out basement !!!!! Description of work: I added 2 bedrooms in my basement. It gave me real peace of mind That Foundation Builders were able to install a window large enough to escape out of in the event there was ever a fire. In addition to the added safety, it added extra value to my house by adding additional living space. Thank You for a job WELL DONE!
Matthew McFadden – Hamilton, Ohio
Egress Window – October 2018
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It went very well. I was very happy with Mike as well as his helpers Tom and Zach. Tom was knowledgeable, and Zach was a very hard worker, dedicated, and very pleasant to work with. I am extremely satisfied with the final product and would certainly recommend Mike and Foundation Builders to others.
Zach Irelan – Dayton, Ohio
Egress Window – October 2018
Angie’s List

Mike and his team were professional and friendly. We had two windows installed and couldn’t be happier with the result. Would definitely recommend them and may be using them again in the future ourselves!
Mandy Minge – Franklin, Ohio
Egress Window – October 2018
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Initially, I contacted Foundation Builders via their website. They quickly responded to my inquiry and scheduled a time to visit my home, discuss project details, and provide an estimate. Work was completed as timely as possible considering weather delays and customers who were already scheduled prior to us and, as promised, there was very little mess. The egress window that was ordered arrived in the wrong color and Foundation Builders resolved the problem. The window that we have is exactly what we wanted and we have had many compliments.
Kristy Wilson – Liberty Township, Ohio
Egress Window – September 2018
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Mike does a great job informing you about the project, going over the details, and meeting your expectations. His contract with additional options is straightforward and clear. I knew going in that it would take about 10 weeks to start installation, but it was worth the wait. I put down a deposit on 5/17/2018 and installation was complete on 9/20/2018. The project took about a week to complete, and considering we got a bunch of rain during that time, "no mess egress" was what we got. The "plug" they use to seal the wall before the cement cutter does his work holds ups amazingly well afterwards and we got no water intrusion what so ever. His team worked to place the window in the right place, matching existing basement windows already around it. It looks like the house was built with that egress window from the start, you would never known it was added after the fact. Why a new home doesn't come with egress windows is beyond me. We have a finished basement, so that added to the overall price of the project. Mike's team (Tom is great), took care of everything, from cutting out the drywall and refinishing it after the window was installed. I then had my own painter sand down the drywall joints and make everything smooth before he finished things up with primer and paint. It looks amazing.
Scott Tremain – Cincinnati, Ohio
Egress Window – September 2018
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We are very pleased with the egress window that was put in by Foundation Builders. The entire crew was very knowledgeable and courteous. Although I was a bit skeptical of the "No Mess Egress", I was beyond pleased with the way there was no mess inside our finished basement and our yard was not damaged at all! The level of professionalism and work ethic shown was top notch.
Stacy Gazdik - Fairborn, Ohio
Egress Window - August 2018
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Egress window installation looks great! Only disappointment was the amount of lawn damage due to equipment, primarily due to the project being completed during very wet conditions. Suggest scheduling company to do this work during dry conditions!!
C. D. Moore, Lt General USAF (retired) - Dayton, Ohio
Egress Window - June 2018
Home Advisor

Great experience with this firm. We contacted Foundation Builders in Jan. 2018 as my mother-in-law was coming to live with us at the beginning of April. She would be living in our finished basement and we had contracted with our remodeler to take care making a bedroom and bathroom downstairs but needed to find a specialist to put an egress window into the bedroom area. Mike explained to me that they were booked for the next 3-4 months (obviously weather highly effects their ability to be more specific) but he did say they would try to accommodate us. I didn't hold out that much hope but we got the rest of remodeling started and figured she could stay in our upstairs guest room until the egress window was put in. In mid March, Mike called and said they would be out the next day. They were true to their word and the construction created little to no mess (which was cleaned up each evening). Every person that worked on the window was efficient and polite. It looks great and we were able to move my mother-in-law into her new bedroom on March 30. We even had time to paint, clean the carpets and finish off the inside molding around the window before she arrived. That new window brings a ton of light into her room and she (and her cat) love being able to watch the squirrels and hummingbirds outside her window. Thanks, Foundation Builders, for making the transition much easier and providing such good service and product!
Barb Calderhead - Milford, Ohio
Egress Window - March 2018
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Recommend. Great work, knowledgeable, friendly. Answered all my questions. We had wanted to do 2 windows originally, but after Mike came out to quote, he cautioned us that we'd have to cut right next to an expansion joint in the foundation. Probably saved us a lot of headaches as we hadn't considered that. The process was slower than I expected, thanks to all the rain this spring, but they got it done and everything looks great!
Matt Gunderson - Lebanon, OH
Egress Window - March 2018
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Mike and crew did a good job installing egress window and making sure the yard didn't get destroyed. We did have a small water issue that happened after the job was complete, but Mike and crew were quick to come back out and resolve it.
Josh Paeltz - Ft. Thomas, KY
Egress Window - January 2018
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Foundation Builders did an excellent job installing our egress window. They were careful to lay mats on the grass to protect it from all the traffic back and forth. Their work passed all permit inspections and the permit guy said they did a good job. We are so pleased with the window, it completely changed our basement room and we know it was well worth the money spent. Thank you!!!
Kelly Claggett - Covington, KY
Egress Window - October 2017

Good work. Had to wait awhile they were behind on other jobs. Once they began it was completed within 3 days. 
Kevin Mathis - Middletown, OH 
Egress Windows - October 2017

Mike went a little bit out of his comfort zone to contract with me to knock out part of a brick wall in my family room to put in a big window.  One of his workers, Tom, has done the work and now along with his worker, Dan, are painting the room along with the kitchen and adjoining bath. They have done a terrific job and I am very pleased!!  It really shows when you hire professionals for a job!  I would hire them again in a heartbeat!!
Barbara Gard – West Chester, OH
Window Installation – September 2017

We had a very positive experience overall with Foundation Builders. We found the crew to be polite and hard working. The job happened to take much longer than they expected but the entire focus was on getting the job done right, not cutting corners to get it done quickly. Every step of the process was explained to us, and when the job was done, we couldn't be happier with our egress windows!
Phil & Kathy Wenning – North Bend, OH
Egress Windows (2) – September 2017

Mike was friendly and very knowledgeable. He was present throughout the process. He worked with me on payment options and offered incentives that made his otherwise standard rate for the job, more competitive in my eyes. A little lack of communication regarding scheduling to start, but quickly and easily rectified. Our job was completed in a timely fashion, and the resulting egress window was impressive. 
Elizabeth Thompson - Cincinnati, OH
Egress Window - August 2017

Windows look great! Everything done as advertised. Mike and his crew do a great job. 
Richard Sette – Mason, OH
Egress Windows (2) – August 2017

Mike and his team installed a basement egress window for me. I'm very pleased with the end result. We have a beautiful egress window and the peace of mind it provides just knowing that in the case of a fire, anyone in the basement can egress quickly and safely. 
Thomas Pike - Hamilton, OH 
Egress Window - August 2017

They were a bit backed up but communicated well about the delay in starting. The work was completed quickly and well. My yard was not damaged at all, all dirt hauled away, and the window makes an enormous difference in livability as well as safety. They immediately repaired a chipped cinder block when I pointed it out. I wish I had known that there would be no trim, just bare window frame with spray foam around it. All the pictures they show you are of beautifully finished windows. I'll hire a handy man to finish it - that wasn't in the estimate and I should not have expected it. I'm extremely happy and will probably have them put a second one in. Of note, we have had TORRENTIAL rains since the window was done and not a drop has come through it. The well drains well.
Ann Schwentker – Montgomery, OH
Egress Window – June 2017

Mike was very good at keeping us informed about the start date due to the spring weather. Started and finished quickly and worked around our schedule. Their no mess system worked fantastically keeping dust and water outside during the cutting process and rains. Mike and his crew were very respectful of our property using mats to protect the lawn and gardens while under construction. The window is great, adds a lot of value and is performing as Mike described. Mike was also the promptest contractor I have ever worked with. Got back to us within minutes of a quote request, was on time for the survey and was on site every day to oversee and evaluate the progress. We would highly recommend his services and when the basement is complete will update this with both interior and exterior photos.
James Cropp – Fairfield, OH
Egress Window – June 2017

We had a 5' egress window installed into our finished basement that allows more light and emergency access. Despite the monsoon rains we experienced this spring (which pushed back a lot of construction), all went well and the job was completed within the expected time. Mike's team was professional and they truly did a "no mess egress" installation. It looks great and we would use them again should the need arise. 
Brad Beckett – Cincinnati, OH
Egress Window – June 2017

Spoke with Mike the owner via phone about his services in January, Met with him in person shortly after for site assessment and estimate. We decided to hire Foundation Builders since he had previous experience with installing walkouts and there do not appear to be many contractors who do this on a regular basis. Work was started in April and took approx. 4 weeks to complete. Our biggest concern with installing the walkout was potential for drainage/flooding problems in our basement to develop. Foundation Builders did a thorough job of installing drainage appropriate for our site and basement. So far, no overflow or flooding problems from the drain. Door was installed with attention to "getting it right". Mike the owner is very hands on with his installations even though he is in the senior citizen category! He wants the job done right and doesn't leave the details to chance. This is not a cheap project nor is it a project for an amateur. The walkout was installed well and is also attractive. Be forewarned with any large project like this there will be some upheaval of the landscaping in the project area but this is unavoidable. Our lawn was protected leading from street to construction area. You will need to re-landscape around the actual construction site which would be an added expense unless you are a DIY devotee.
Jane Simon – Union, KY
Outside Entry – May 2017

Mike and the Foundation Builders crew did a great job on our project. Mike was there to answer all our questions throughout the process and handled everything very professionally. We chose Foundation Builders over other contractors because they have a great system to contain the mess – nothing ends up inside the house; they provide a large 48” x 48” slider window which was superior to other estimates we received; and Mike’s knowledge and experience gave us the confidence to know they were going to do the job right. We had three windows installed so this was a big undertaking and a big investment and we are thrilled with the results. These windows added a ton of natural light to our very dark basement bedrooms and we love the peace of mind knowing that there is an easy way out in case of emergency. We have made many home improvement investments over the years and this has been one of the best. We would definitely call Mike and Foundation Builders for future projects!
Ken & Kim Heinzelman– Liberty Twp, OH
Egress Windows (3) – May 2017

Although there was a small issue with the window being sealed, they were quick to return on 2 different occasions until they got it right. They have called to follow up in order to be sure we were satisfied, which we are. They do quality work at a reasonable price and they stand behind their work 100% with no questions asked. Would definitely use them again.....
Steve Seibert – Hebron, KY
Egress Window – April 2017

Mike designed & engineered a basement walkout for our home. He and his crew modified the patio around the walkout allowing for better access and use of our patio. He also set drainage lines underground to aid in removing surface and subsurface water from around the house. The job went extremely well. There were numerous challenges with the walkout location and Mike and his crew met every challenge exceeding expectations. it was a great experience! Seibert Eddie Morrison – Cincinnati, OH
Outside Entry – April 2017

Mike was very responsive and on time for all meetings / work performed. Completed job when he said it would be completed. Great installation. Took very good care not to cause any damage or mess inside. He's got a unique, very effective system to cut foundation and install egress windows without a drop of water or dirt inside the basement. We are very satisfied with the job and the windows made a HUGE difference in light and feel in our basement. He also installed drainage from downspouts to edge of property while he was digging and that was great too! I highly recommend Mike Hancock and Foundation Builders, for any work you need.
Keith Chasse  – Mason, OH
Egress Windows (2) – March 2017

Very good results so far with no issues.
Girish Jagannath – Mason, OH
Outside Entry – March 2017

We had a wonder experience with Mike. I would highly recommend his company if you need a egress window or door. He is reliable and will give you the highest level of craftsmanship. Beyond the shadow of a doubt they are superb. 
Umara Raza – Cincinnati, OH
Outside Entry – February 2017

They communicated well during the job, completed the work on time and left the house clean. Good company to deal with. 
Julian Rose – Loveland, OH
Egress Window – February 2017

The quality of workmanship was great. The project was completed on time. All was cleaned after the job. 
Vince Cavo – Hamilton, OH
Egress Window – December 2016

Excellent Service and Results! Mike and his crew put in a basement walk out on our level lot. It was such a breath of fresh air to work with someone who exudes good old fashion professional ethics; as well as a strong work ethic based on pride in the quality of your work.  Honesty, ethics, safe and professional results were what we were hoping for and exactly what we received.
Phyllis Huseman – Harrison, OH
Outside Entry – December 2016

It was a pleasure working with Foundation Builders. They were very professional and we are very satisfied with the work they did for us (installed egress window and window well). They thoroughly cleaned-up behind themselves so well that you couldn't even tell they had been there. 
Dave & Kimberly Finke – Hamilton, OH
Egress Window – December 2016

I am very pleased with the work they did installing our escape window. They were professional, kept things clean and were very nice. When they had to cut into the foundation their system to keep dust and water out of our basement worked perfectly. I would definitely recommend them.
Shawn Raisch – Germantown, OH
Egress Window – December 2016

Foundation Builders responded quickly and kept in constant communication throughout 
the job. They not only met my expectations but helped me to meet the needs of my tenants. My tenant was equally pleased with the work as well. Mike installed a basement egress escape window on budget and ahead of schedule.  Mike and his crew were very professional and kept me updated throughout the whole project.  I especially appreciated that Foundation Builders honors Military Veterans. I do have to mention that the job from proposal to completion was ahead of schedule and at the agreed upon price. Great job!
Ken Pagano – Dayton, OH
Egress Window – November 2016

Mike designed & engineered a basement walkout for our home. He and his crew modified the patio around the walkout allowing for better access and use of our patio. He also set drainage lines underground to aid in removing surface and subsurface water from around the house. The job went extremely well. There were numerous challenges with the walkout location and Mike and his crew met every challenge exceeding expectations. It was a great experience! Description of work: Mike designed & engineered a basement walkout for our home. He and his crew modified the patio around the walkout allowing for better access and use of our patio. He also set drainage lines underground to aid in removing surface and subsurface water from around the house.
Eddie Morrison – Cincinnati, OH
Outside Entry – October 2016

Very well. Excellent.
Barry & Michelle Schuebel – Lebanon, Ohio
Egress Window – August 2016

Very well - work was done in 2 days - no mess in basement due to containment system used while cutting the hole in the concrete.
Patricia & Chris Streufert – West Chester, OH 
Egress Window – August 2016

Foundation Builders did great work on our egress window! They were professional, courteous, and timely. Their process of putting in an egress by keeping the inside of the house as clean as possible as well as well keeping the lawn in good shape and being concerned about pleasing us as customers was impressive. We will use them again if we ever need this type of work done.
Julie Swart – Cincinnati, OH
Egress Window – August 2016

They showed up when they said they would and actually finished a little early than expected. 
Chris Garrett – Milford, OH
Egress Window – July 2016

Excellent. Had an egress window put in our finished basement in a wall where there was no existing basement window. Prior to cutting, they completely sealed the concrete area where the hole was to be. We had no concrete dust in the house! They also placed a protective "mat" on our lawn so as to not damage our landscaping with the mini-backhoe. As stated, the basement had been previously finished; paid extra to have the drywall installed and mudded to match the existing walls. Finished product looks great inside and out.
Heather McDowell-Spelic – Kings Mills, OH
Egress Window – June 2016

We were very happy with the quality of the work and the professionalism of owner, Mike Hancock and his employees. Mike returned our call and came to our house to give us an estimate right away. The work was completed on time and on budget. We were really impressed with the care that was taken to not damage our landscape and to clean up when the job was completed. There was a slight issue with the grate that they installed rusting. Mike immediately ordered and installed a new one, no questions asked. We would definitely use Foundation Builders in the future and highly recommend them.
Bill & Sue Ellen Campbell – Bethel, OH
Egress Window – March 2016

They did a fantastic job installing our basement 5'x4' egress window in Mason: clean, professional, prompt.
Scott Albrecht – Mason, OH
Egress Windows – January 2016

My wife and I were contemplating building a new home as we wanted to enhance our lower level living space with more light and access to the outdoors. Even though our basement was finished, it was relatively dark and had little ventilation. We love our current home, but it had very small casement windows and no access to the outdoors. I had a concept in mind to incorporate a walkout that would connect our lower level to our outdoor patio. However, we had several contractors tell us that my concept wasn't possible. After our first discussion with Mike Hancock, it was clear that he had the expertise and experience to make it happen the way that I had envisioned. Mike and his team, and in particular his foreman Adam, paid close attention to every detail and conducted their work as if they were working on their own homes. The textured walls of the walkout look like stone and add a nice touch to the overall appearance. Every aspect of their work was done well. We were so impressed with the walkout and three egress windows that we added a fourth egress window and the replacement of both patios and a new sidewalk to the original plan. Our lower level has a completely new look with lots of light and ventilation. The lower level feels like you are on the first floor of our home and not a basement. The overall project looks like it was done when the home was built. I would recommend Foundation Builders to anyone who is interested in improving their home with a new walkout and/or egress windows.
Bob and Chris Meade – West Chester, OH
Outside Entry, Egress Windows, & Patio – Dec 2015

They did an install of a new basement egress window.  The attention to detail and quality were top notch.  
Scott Betts – Loveland, OH
Egress Window – November 2015

In August 2015, it was our good fortune to hire Foundation Builders LLC to install an egress window in a new basement bedroom. Their work was efficient, accurate, courteous, and clean. The owner, Mike Hancock, was experienced and a good communicator. His two-man crew was hard working and well-mannered. The project cleanliness was very good in spite of some rainy weather. This contractor earned a very positive recommendation from our family. 
Jack Von Benken – Liberty Township, OH
Egress Window – October 2015

Larry and I want to thank you for the clean and time-friendly job you did on the construction of our basement egress window. We and our remodel construction crew are very impressed with how quickly you accomplished such a seemingly large project without leaving any “messy mud” on the outside and absolutely no mess inside. You were very generous with your time as we planned our project and you explained in detail what the job would entail. When we first realized that we would need someone to cut a large hole in our basement wall, we were very skeptical. However, the pictures in your proposal were so helpful in allowing us to understand the whole project. We were also very pleased to realize that the window and the “real stone” fiberglass look of the window well were actually very attractive. Thanks for leading us to the elite series with the safety steps built in.  Not only has the egress window added the needed safety to our home, but it lets in a lot of beautiful natural light that was missing in our downstairs guest bedroom. Of course we both enjoyed working with such a friendly man as yourself and your very co-operative crew. Even though the weather was extremely hot, you fellows continued to work until the job was completed in the two days. We certainly appreciated the kindness you showed to our extended family when they came to peek at the job in progress. 
Larry and Janet Zook – Loveland, OH
Egress Window – May 2015

They added an egress window in our basement, so we could put another bedroom in. Another company was more expensive, and told me that there wasn't enough clearance from the underground lines to dig where we wanted to. Michael was confident that we could put it in that space, which really saved our basement design. Overall, it took two days to complete, the quality was excellent. Michael digs down to the drainage system for the house to make sure you minimize chances of water getting in. For the window well, Michael uses a 1-piece egress that looks like rock and is one piece. It's a nice looking window from the inside. He didn't leave a mess behind and didn't tear up our lawn with his gear.
Quentin Docter – Loveland, OH
Egress Window – July 2014

Mikes work is very professional and affordable as well. Work was hampered by the horrible winter weather. They still completed job in a reasonable manner with good quality. Good job, thanks. 
Eric Burchfield – Amelia, OH
Patio – March 2014

Three months have now passed since my household began enjoying the look of the new retaining wall that you built for us. Today it looks as fantastic as it did on Day 1, as does the stucco covering the foundation of our house that was so artfully restored by your expert team. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to you, every one of your workers, and the entire team at Foundation Builders, LLC for their professionalism, unmatched workmanship, and willingness to take on a fairly challenging project. I have been recommending your services to all my colleagues and friends. Once again, a million thanks.Dr. Vladimir Bogdanov – Cincinnati, OH
Retaining Wall – October 2012

Jay and I are so pleased with the work you and your crew did.  Our front porch steps and sidewalk is a beautiful enhancement to our home, it's just perfect!  Also, the firepit is awesome!  You will have to stop out and see the finished product!  We are so excited to use it once it sets up a little longer.  I can't "Thank You" enough for your kindness. I know we will be spending many evenings at home enjoying a warm fire As I mentioned to you earlier, one of the reasons we selected Foundation Builders to do our job was your proposal.  It is organized, professional and easy to access the information.  The graphics are very good and provide great visual understanding of the finished product.Kim & Jay Geisler – Cincinnati, OH
Sidewalk, Steps & Porch – April 2012

I wanted to let you know how pleased Frank and I are with our new patio, sidewalk, and driveway. The decorative concrete has made a big difference in the outside of our home and the curb appeal is the talk of the neighborhood. The things we appreciated the most about the process Foundation Builders used are the attention to detail, the design, and the decorative options you offered us. We were impressed with the design services you provided and attribute the quality control process in the field to the fact that you took the time upfront with us and your designer to define the final design so there was no question what we were getting and how much it would cost. The decorative options including the color and decorative pattern also helped make the quality job come to life. Your field service personnel were great, always taking care of the yard and landscaping. We look forward to getting all the landscaping completed and continuing the enjoyment we have experienced thus far. Thank you again for all the hard work and attention to detail to make our job a quality installation. I know it will bring enjoyment for years to come.Anne and Frank Ramsey – Loveland, OH
Patio, Sidewalk, Driveway – July 2010

Excellent job with great people doing the work. Gino especially!Jack Malmedahl – Anderson Township, OH
Driveway – September 2009

Thanks again for all the hard work. You and your team did a wonderful job.Randy Sharp & Ximena Soler – Cincinnati, OH
Retaining Wall – July 2009

I was happy with the work they did. They came when they said they would and the owner of the company took a personal interest in my job from beginning to end.Carol Hallman – Milford, OH
Patio – January 2009

We just wanted to send a personal 'thank you' to Mike Hancock and Foundation Builders for the exceptional job they did with our retaining walls. Not only are the walls very substantial, but the decorative wall is very beautiful and has become a focal point around the pool. Mike's knowledge and experience proved invaluable with the lower retaining wall that stabilized our hillside and provided a foundation for the deck that completed our little piece of heaven. Thanks again, Mike. It was a pleasure working with you!Brad & Kathy Lindsey – Batavia, OH
Decorative Retaining Wall – November 2008

Foundation Builders took time to fully understand requirements, educate me on the process, and completed the work on time. They also gave me a competitive quote that beat the other contractor.Mark Albin – Milford, OH
Basketball Court/Concrete Work – October 2008

Very conscientious and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a top notch professional job.Robert Clark – Amelia, OH
Patio & Foundation Repair – June 2008

Job was excellent. Time was managed well. Price was right.Maritza Palusiak – Loveland, OH
Driveway – September 2007

Mike was prompt in responding to our request for an estimate. He got started and finished within the time frame originally stated. Mike got back to us right away when there were any questions. Our concrete work is the talk of the neighborhood. We are extremely pleased with the finished job.James Truesdale – Loveland, OH
Driveway – August 2007

Overall, I was very happy with Foundation Builders. I was/have been very impressed with the customer service and friendly nature of Mike Hancock and the people at Foundation Builders. I had a patio built in the backyard and I am very pleased with it.Doug Krehbiel – Mariemont, OH
Patio – July 2007

Amiable and easy to work with. Appears to have gone beyond the call.Ric Allan – Loveland, OH
Driveway – June 2007

Mr. Hancock took the time to answer all of my questions and explained the process. I'm very happy with the work he has done. He follows up on things as well. The porch and sidewalk look beautiful. I am very satisfied and would recommend him.Jennifer Gruber – Loveland, OH
Porch & Sidewalk – April 2007

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