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Basement Egress

A Means of Escape

We are THE authority in installing egress compliant windows in existing basements - finished or unfinished - and we guarantee there will be no mess! We have developed a system that does not require your interior carpet to be removed during installation, and we use yard protection mats to protect your beautiful lawn. We call it "No Mess Egress™!" No mess to clean up on the inside, and no damage on the outside!

What is an Egress Compliant Window?

An egress compliant window is one that complies with the egress window code. The code requires that the window be of sufficient size to allow a person, or a fully equipped firefighter to pass through it. Egress compliant windows come in many shapes and sizes that meet the minimum requirements of the egress code.

When bedrooms are added to the basement without complying with the egress window code requirements, a dangerous firetrap is created.

The IRC, "International Residential Code," requires that every sleeping room in a house have two means of egress in it with access to the exterior of the home.

The basics of the code:
*Minimum opening height: 24 inches
*Minimum opening width: 20 inches
*Minimum sill height from floor: 44 inches
*Minimum net clear opening 5.7 square feet (if the window sill is above grade on the outside, minimum is 5 square feet.)

To see the Egress Window section of the IRC, click here.

Foundation Builders LLC is your solution! There isn't a question we can't answer!

We have over 45 years of experience in the home building industry, have built over 690 homes and foundations, and we have a laser focus on egress compliant window installation.

We are experts on the installation of egress compliant windows!

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