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Basement Egress Windows and
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Installation process

Installing a basement egress window is a complex process that requires in-depth knowledge and experience in order for it to be installed correctly. Cutting into the foundation of your house to install the basement Egress Compliant window is serious work that should not be taken lightly. Foundation Builders has the equipment, experience, and expertise to make sure the job is done right the first time in an efficient and timely manner.

Step 1: Mark utilities and other underground obstructions.

Before we dig, we contact the local utilities protection service to mark the location of underground utilities. We ask you about any other buried lines or hazards such as electrical lines running to a shed or garage, pet fences, downspout drains, or cable television lines. 
We mark the property line with marking paint to ensure your neighbors yard stays untouched. 

Step 2: Protecting your Yard

We place hard plastic ground cover mats over your grass to keep our machinery from doing any damage, as well as tarps at the work area of the window to catch any dirt that may spill off the mats.

We temporarily set up a containment box for excavated dirt to be used later in the installation for backfill. Foundation Builders will do more to protect your landscaping than any other contractor.

Step 3: Excavation

We use a small excavator for the excavation and backfilling of the window well.


Step 4: Getting rid of the extra dirt

Generally, your new window well will require a hole that is 8 feet wide, 5 feet out from the wall, and is 5-6 feet deep. We remove about 3 cubic yards of dirt. We will leave this dirt on your property. Foundation Builders is prepared for any challenges that may be brought on by soil conditions, utility line locations, and ground water that can make excavation a labor-intensive process.

Step 5: Window Well Drainage

We will excavate and connect to the foundation drainage system to assure that there is a positive drain for when water gets into the well. We call it "No Mess Egress!™" You will not experience any water pooling within the window. If we cannot find a functioning foundation drain, we will explore other options for proper drainage.

Step 6: Cutting into the Basement Wall

We can cut into almost any wall! Our diamond-blade saws use water to eliminate dust when cutting through the basement wall, from the exterior of your home. We use a proprietary system that has been developed by Foundation Builders. Not a drop of water or dust from the wall cutting will enter the inside of your basement! Other basement remodelers may require you to remove your carpet. We make sure your carpet stays beautiful and intact.

Step 7: Installing the Window Frame

We build a wood frame for the window. We then level, plumb, and square it, fastening the frame to the interior basement wall, sealing any gaps with expansion foam.


Step 8: Installing the Basement Window

The window unit is set in place and leveled. After the window unit is fastened to the frame, we install a window flashing. Low maintenance composite trim is used around the outside of the window to complete the deal and create a finished look. We caulk the trim around the foundation and to prevent leaking.


Step 9: Installing the Window Well

The basement window well keeps first away from your window and acts a retaining wall.

The window well walls are mounted to the wall with bolts and backfilled with dirt. A layer of washed stone, about 9 inches deep fills the bottom of the well in order to drain to the existing foundation drainage system.


Step 10: Cleanup & Mess

The area surrounding the new window well is graded away from your house. Foundation Builders leaves your job site free from debris and dust, and your yard looking as if we were never there. We set ourselves apart from other companies in the area by taking extra steps to make sure your yard is protected and not damaged.


Your new window is in place and ready for interior trim.

Optional interior finishing

We offer interior finishing as an option when installing a window in a finished room. We will leave the wall ready to wet sand and paint.

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