Basement Egress Windows Can Prevent a Catastrophe and Save Your Life

We’ll start by asking a simple question – Can you get out of your basement in 10 seconds or less if
there’s an emergency? Most basements have a few windows, but they’re poorly placed. Most areas
require the basement to have an exit door, but they don’t always exist. Today we wanted to show you
how a few strategically placed egress windows can save your life.

Egress Windows are Escape Routes

Home emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Home fires are one of the most common home
emergencies. Many fires begin in the laundry room or the kitchen. Can you escape from the basement if
there’s a fire in the room just above you? Transom windows in the basement allow a good amount of
light, but they are not a proper escape route.

Egress windows are large windows that are low enough for you to climb out of in case of an emergency.
Let’s say, for example, that there is a fire in the kitchen. You don’t have to run upstairs and fight the
smoke and flames to get to safety. Simply open the egress window and climb out into your yard. Get to
a phone where you can safely call the fire department.

Egress Window Well

The egress window well serves a great function, but can also be used to add to your landscaping or to
the interior decor in the basement. You could place vinyl stickers on the windows to give the illusion of
being in a rainforest or even underwater. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Outdoor Seating Area: The window well can be designed with a small seating area to add to
    basement seating or just to give you a little spot to sit outside occasionally.
  • Small Outdoor Play Area: Children enjoy playing outdoors even if it’s just a small area. Add a
    cover to the window well and create a sandbox or some other fun spot for your child to play
    while you’re spending time in the basement.
  • Outdoor Pet Area: Pets enjoy basking in the sun. An egress window well gives your pet a great
    spot to relax in the sun. A cover will keep them from escaping and provide shelter from the rain
    while enjoying the outdoors.
  • Small Garden: Build the window well to include tiers so you can keep a small garden with freshvegetables and beautiful flowers. Consider planting a small pizza garden – a garden that includestomatoes and the herbs required to make pizza. Or plant beautiful aromatic flowers in thewindow well so you can relax and enjoy the aroma of fresh flowers when the window is open.

Egress Window Installation in Batavia, Ohio

Give us a call at 513-753- 6699 to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We can show you the best
areas to install egress windows in your basement.

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