Welcome to Our New Blog! Here’s what to Expect

We did a lot of brainstorming when we started talking about writing a blog. Where do we even start? How many people would read our content? So we decided it would probably be good to start with a quick introduction of our services and set some expectations for future blog posts. We would love to see your ideas as well, so leave us a comment here or use our contact form.

What You Can Expect

Don’t worry; we don’t plan to run you off by only posting before and after pictures of our work. We will probably mention projects and show pictures from time to time, but our primary purpose is to share:

  • Information about Egress Windows: Egress windows are installed in the basement to provide an easy way out in case of an emergency. They’re one of our specialties, so we’ll share a good amount of information about them.
  • Information about Retaining Walls: Retaining walls are designed to hold back dirt or water. We can use retaining walls to build up flower gardens or protect your lawn from erosion, or a variety of other purposes.
  • Free Advice: We have a good sized list of frequently asked questions that we will answer throughout some of our blog posts. We will give advice that a homeowner who has some DIY experience can follow.
  • Safety Tips for the Basement: Let’s face it; the basement has the potential to be the most dangerous area in the home. The weight of the upper portions of the house may cause problems, and the availability of an escape route is extremely important.
  • DIY and Professional Ideas: Most of us use social media to look at incredible home improvement ideas. Some homeowners are comfortable with DIY projects where others would prefer to hire a professional. We’ll give ideas for both options.

What You Can Do

We want our readers to sit back with a good cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy our blog content. So bookmark us and come back occasionally to see if we have something interesting to read. You can also email us, use the contact form, or leave a comment here if you would like information on a specific service we provide. Share us with your friends and on your social media pages.

Need Our Services? Call Us!

We are located in Batavia, Ohio and we provide services throughout the surrounding areas. We’ve helped many local homeowners with retaining walls, egress windows, and other home improvement projects. Give us a call at 513-753-6699 to schedule an appointment or to discuss our blog topics with us.

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