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Decorative Fire Pits

Why are Concrete Fire Pits becoming so popular?

  • Social- Your backyard will become the place to be for your family and friends to gather around and hang out by the fire. This is especially useful during the fall season when temperatures begin to cool and entertaining typically moves outdoors. Adding a Fire Pit allows you to enjoy your backyard longer.
  • 360 Degrees of Entertainment- Unlike a Fire Place the Fire Pit is which creates a comfortable circle for friends and family to gather and the conversation can flow.
  • Campfire Environment- Go camping in your own backyard, the Fire Pit is outdoors so it brings the ambience of a camping trip without the thorns, mud and bugs.
  • Won’t Block a View- Since our Fire Pits sit low and can be lowered almost all the way into the ground, you can sink into your chair and still enjoy the view.
  • Cooking- If you like cooking over an open fire, we have installed anchors so that cooking accessories can be attached. (S’mores, anyone?)
  • The Concrete doesn’t get hot- Feel free to use the ledge of the fire pit as a foot rest (the bottom of your shoes won’t melt) or turn it into a cup holder for your glass of wine without boiling it.

New Concrete Fire Pit with Cooking Accessories

Why choose a concrete fire pit from Foundation Builders? 

Our Fire Pits are one solid piece, contain poured concrete lined with Fire Brick and protected with five rows of reinforcing steel which makes them safe and indestructible.  Fire Pits made with other materials – such as fieldstone or pavers can crack and shift – where as our concrete fire pits provide a maintenance-free alternative. 

If you are building a new patio, a fire pit adds even more quality of life to your outdoor living space.  Plus, having a fire pit completed at the same time as a patio saves you time and money.  And at Foundation Builders, we provide free design expertise so your fire pit works within the space and other structures of your yard. So whether you are looking at a fire pit as a stand-alone project, or an add-on to a new patio, our expert design staff is ready to assist you.

Schedule a Free Site Consultation or give us a call 513-753-6699 to get started today. Don’t forget to ask us about our Special’s on Fire Pits.

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